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Why does humanity create a dichotomy between those who have and those who don’t ? In a world rich in medical resources those who are continuously marginalized are the ones who need it the most. Despite the spectacular developments in science and medicine, access to health care remains a major problem in most developing countries, especially in Africa.

The lack of minimal health care in these parts of the world has created huge chasms within these societies. Deficiencies in the health care system of these countries create an environment where diseases and infant mortality thrive. Lack of basic medical supplies, training, public hygiene and health prevention methods engender a self-sustaining cycle where millions die from easily treatable diseases and injuries. One would ask the question. Why in a world with astonishing medical advancement are such inefficiencies allowed to exist. Here are some of the reasons why:

 1. “It’s the economy !!!” People living in abject poverty without disposable income cannot afford medical necessities. An income of less than a dollar a day !!!

2. The severe insufficiency in infrastructures, medical supplies, and healthcare providers has created a vacuum where endemic diseases spread easily.

3. A clear separation between philosophical rhetoric and political action towards the rectification of the health care system failures (rather than taking into account the realities on the ground).

4. Crime and war are commonalities where local health care centers become triage center for the wounded, taking from an already depleted medical supply.

5. The need to craw for sick family members and elderly have created the withdrawal of thousand of talented young boys and girls from school, putting their future in jeopardy.

 In the light of these sad realities, what to do?

AIMES-AFRIQUE was created in 2005 by Dr. Michel Kodom with a mission to bring medical clinics to remote and impoverished communities. These medical teams, besides providing local underprivileged populations with much needed care, also seek to enlighten them by holding seminars and workshops to outline easy-to-follow prevention methods. All of these philanthropic gestures are being offered at no charge to these populations.

Since 2007, AIMES-AFRIQUE has performed more than 10,000 surgeries and consulted more than 300,000 patients free of charge. On a continent where greed, corruption, race to enrichment and insensitivity to ambient misery are the rules, Dr. Michel Kodom personifies the belief that every human being is valuable and that true character is defined by how you treat the lowliest among us.

As doctors, members in health care industry practicing in the USA, along with many other believers in Africa living in the United States we have decided to join Dr. Kodom.

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